Om, shanti, shanti, shanti…

Om, peace, peace, peace!

This mantra is an invocation of peace, often repeated at the end of a session of practice. It has two functions. First, it affirms that peace is available to us at any moment that we choose to tune in to it. Second, repeating this mantra helps to create more peace in the world, beacause according to yoga philosophy, when we call something into being with a pure heart and a focused mind, we are using our consciousness to shape reality. This is in fact the primary purpose of all mantras: They are tools to manifest intention.
To extract the full power of this mantra, visualize each word’s impact as you recite it. For example, while reciting the first shanti, you can invoke greater peace within yourself; with the second shanti, peace in your family and friendships; and with the third, peace on the planet. When you do this with full faith, devotion, and focused intention, you will create greater opportunities for peace in all these realms.

Om, shanti, shanti, shanti

Interpreted by Christopher D. Wallis
Photo by Ashes & Snow

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