Find your own Inner Sanctuary…

What is an Inner Sanctuary, and how do I find it?

Part of yoga is a Soul Searching of sorts, always looking to find that calm inner Guru that can help us through any situation. To help us to stay calm in times of panic, help us find guidance in times of need and to help us reach inward and find our own words of wisdom.

So many Westerners think of yoga as just the asana, or poses. The yoga asana is a very minimal part of the journey. Don’t get me wrong, I love my yoga asana. It makes me feel energized and ready for anything. This is because most people experience this: When you get into yoga and start to love your practice you realize that during that hour or two when you are practicing asana, your mind is still, your bad day has disappeared, and you have forgotten about all the hectic activity going on around you. This is your Inner Sanctuary.

“No one can see their reflection in running water. It is only still water that we can see.” ~ Taoist Proverb

“When the river is deepest it makes the least noise” ~Proverb

There are so many ancient writings that show us that the power of inner peace has been important for so long. It is only when your mind is clear that one can truly see. People are often scared of meditation. Thinking that it’s weird or it goes against their religion. Think of this, even during prayer, you pray and ask God for guidance and at the end you pause, open your ears, eyes and heart to receive guidance. This is meditation. Take time during your day to sit and just listen. Listen for God, listen for Buddha, listen for your own voice, it doesn’t matter what your religion is, as long as your heart and mind are open. You will be amazed at the ideas and wisdom that come to you during your moments of silence.

“What is Guru and who is Guru? The conscious within you is the Guru. The one that guides you, the one that enlightens you. And such, there is a Guru in everybody.”

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