Peace of mind…

Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutra teaches that the only person you can change is yourself; your practice is to create change from within by clearing your mind, connecting with your true Self, and acting from a place of wisdom. But the beauty of this seemingly “selfish” practice is that when you do your inner work, others around you, particularly those you are closest to, experience the positive effects of your work firsthand.

Our loved ones are often inspired by the positive changes they see in us to start their own yoga practice. As you continue with your practice, you can inspire others on the path of yoga, creating a community, or sangha, of support and encouragement. What better way to create positive change in the world than through your own quiet but powerful example?

((find the beauty in your day))

We all love the thought of a daily practice but can’t always “make time” for one. I remind you that yoga is not only a physical practice, as long as you take time during your day to find peace of mind, whether you’re far from home or just juggling a hectic day. Take time to use this powerful three minute breathing practice to help feel grounded wherever you are:

Set an intention
Express something specific, such as, “I know this problem can be overcome. I seek insight to see more clearly.”

Find some privacy
If you can’t find a quiet corner anywhere, put on headphones and play a familiar favorite song.

Let go of tension
Take four big breaths. On the inhalation, lift your shoulders to your ears. On the exhalation, release them down your back.

Take 10 breaths
Close your eyes and take 10 slow breaths. Keep your awareness on the sensations of breathing. If you get caught up in a train of thought, start again from breath #1. Keep trying until you’ve taken 10 consecutive breaths without distraction.

Return to your intention
To finish, bring your hands into prayer position in front of your heart, bowing your head to the teacher within. Repeat your intention. Slowly open your eyes.

I love doing this when I’m having a busy day and haven’t felt like I’ve had any “me” time. If you travel a lot, this is a great way to reconnect with yourself and helps you feel grounded wherever you are.

Peace & Love,

Reference: Yoga Journal 2010

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