The perfect end to Global Mala weekend…

Bring your mat and celebrate a vibration-infused yoga class lead by one of the performers with MASS ensemble. RSVP for this special FREE event (the Earth Harp yoga workshop) to secure your space with As always, donations are welcome!

Monday, September 20th 5:30-7:00pm
Yoga Under the Earth Harp
Alys Stephens Center
MASS Ensemble
In this truly unique and amazing workshop, participants will practice blending yoga postures and focused intention with MASS Ensemble’s extraordinary Giant Outdoor Earth Harp (built especially for the Alys Stephens Center). The sonic vibration of the Earth Harp creates healing harmonics that not only provide the perfect backdrop for the yoga practice, but also sublime one’s energy moving through the chakras to promote physical & energetic health and creative inspiration. Don’t forget to bring your own mat!

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