Global Mala THIS Weekend!…

Grab your sunscreen, it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend!

A weekend full of yoga, meditation and fun, loving energy with amazing people begins on Friday night with Kundalini and Kirtan at the Cahaba Pumping Station. Saturday is our 108 Sun Salutations at Vulcan! Don’t be weary of the number 108, you do not have to do a single sun salutation, just come and feel the wonderful energy and beautiful view! Sunday is the Yoga Crawl and on Monday come practice at the Alys Stephens Center under the Giant Outdoor Earth Harp!

See my previous blogs for more detailed info: Global Mala 2010, Alys Stephens Center: practice yoga under the Giant Outdoor Earth Harp, Sweet Om Alabama.

Come feel the joyfulness of knowing that people all around the world are celebrating this international day of peace through yoga together. It is our belief that peace begins within, that WE are the embodiment of Peace. Creating harmony and peace within, creates harmony and peace throughout the world.

One heart, one mind, one purpose. Global Mala for Peace.


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