Symphony in the Summer…

You’ve learned by now that yoga isn’t all about going to class and doing poses. The asanas (poses) are less that 1% of what yoga is all about. It’s about creating peace within ourselves to make a more peaceful world, giving back, volunteering, a smile to someone who needs one, and helping others. Yes, this means when you go pick up trash in the park or smile at a stranger you are doing yoga. You are doing a service to your community and that is yoga. Yoga is beautiful. Helping is beautiful. You are beautiful.

When I was in training my teacher referred to selfless acts of kindness as Seva. And that’s what yoga’s all about. Selfless deeds in which you expect nothing in return. But completely selfless acts are hard, so once in a while we have an opportunity to help out and enjoy something for ourselves. Maybe it will make us think of the unending good karma that could come from a truly selfless deed.

This weekend the Alabama Symphony Orchestra is playing at the Birmingham Railroad Park in a free/donation only concert to support the victims of the April Tornadoes. Click here to see a list of donation items that are needed. I’ll be there Saturday night listening to the sounds of Tchaikovsky that bring be back to my ballet days!

ASO ~ Symphony in the Summer
June 10-12, 2011
Fri & Sat, 8:00pm
Sun, all day fun!

Location: Railroad Park (B’ham)
1600 1st Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Come enjoy a wonderful (free) night spent in the great outdoors listening to amazing music!

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