Be Active…

Ok, so I have to brag. Below is my “little” brother’s wake-boarding video. (I’m also impressed with his editing skills!) There is a “yogic principle” to this post! I promise…

I love yoga, I really do. But cross-training our bodies is equally important. For our bodies to stay healthy we have to move, get some cardio, stretch, and all the better if it’s done in nature. If my brother, Wes, has taught me anything it is that exercising in nature is better than the gym. Get outside, go for a hike, ride a bike, just have fun.

Mind-boggling statistic: Physical inactivity is ranked just below cigarette smoking as a major cause of ill health in America.

Wes mountain biking at Oak Mountain State Park…

True yogi’s say that yoga is THE exercise (see my post Yoga and Fitness…) but I believe that our bodies are meant to do whatever we love. For example, Wes’ extreme lifestyle has lead to a couple broken bones and surgeries. But what’s important is that he’s still going and he has a passion for it. Even just coming off a surgery for a collar bone dislocation he is out walking the trails and climbing the stair-climber at the gym. {Inspiration? I think so.} No, I’m not as extreme as my younger counterpart. I like to say, “I didn’t get that ‘crazy’ gene!” But I can still enjoy the same activities! So… no, you don’t have to be quite as extreme, just get outside and change up your exercise routine. Recently I started going to cycle classes and I love it! The music keeps me going when I’m feeling tired and I feel like a rock star when I finish class! Yes, I’m busy, but the “I don’t have time” excuse doesn’t work with me. You’ll find that it’s the days that you really “don’t wanna” are the days that it makes you feel the best. Exercise lifts your spirits (thank you, endorphin’s) and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Yoga is still my #1. It always will be. But while I’m young and able I’m going to have fun too! In yoga, we learn mindfulness… to be mindful with every action. So take that mindfulness that you learned through yoga and put it towards every activity. Listen to your body and have fun!

"You can get me down, but you can't stop me!" (Wes in Tsali, NC after surgery on his collar bone)

And yes, Wes does yoga too!

Happy journey’s,

Note: Wes uses the GoPro camera for all of his crazy adventures.

One comment on “Be Active…

  1. I am impressed by the video editing too. Cool!!


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