This Sunday…

This Sunday while I’m in North Carolina soaking up all the knowledge I can from David Swenson, Elizabeth Keller will lead the Sunday Community Yoga class at Birmingham Yoga. Elizabeth is a recent graduate of the Birmingham Yoga Teacher Training Program. Come visit her for a wonderful class!

Date: Sunday, Sept 18
Time: 5:05pm
Location: Birmingham Yoga (Inside 1st Ave Rocks)


Free Yoga Sunday!…

Don’t forget that EVERY SUNDAY is Free Yoga Sunday at Birmingham Yoga!
The 5:05pm Community yoga class is donation only!

**This weekend (Sunday, Sept 4) the lovely Christine Caiola will be teaching. I will be hiking around the mountains of NC for Labor Day weekend! Please come and join her for a special treat!**

Location: Birmingham Yoga (inside First Ave Rocks)
Time: 5:05pm
Date: Every Sunday
Free, donation only class!

See you soon!

Om Shanti,

Yoga this Sunday…

Travel, travel, travel… I will be out of town this weekend!

This Sunday’s Community Yoga class will be lead by Christine Caiola Pate. She has been teaching for many years and will give you a wonderfully peaceful class!

Class details:

Location: 1st Ave Rocks

Time: 5:00 (4/17/11)

Price: Free, donation only (as always!)

Come have a wonderful practice with her!

Special Treat!…

The Sunday community yoga class at First Ave Rocks will be taught by the lovely Christine. I am on the road! (I’m actually doing this post from my phone!) What is life without little traveling adventures? Christine has traveled all over studying and practicing yoga. I hope you can go and get a taste of her teaching and knowledge! I have added a link to Christines bio below, check her out!

See you soon!


This free, donation only class is at 5:00pm Sunday at First Ave Rocks on first ave south downtown Birmingham.

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