Keeping it au-naturel…

There’s a funny thing that happens as you deepen your yoga practice. You want to tell everyone about it and practice everyday. There’s this freeing feeling at the end of every class that you can’t get enough of. Then it starts spilling over into other parts of your life. You’ll notice that certain people who aren’t positive-forces in your life will start to fade away. You’ll start to recognize your thoughts and actions and refine your ways of interacting with other people. You may even have an overwhelming need to give back to your community. You realize that peace begins with YOU. Your actions and your contributions make a big difference in the world. Next, you start questioning your diet so maybe you start to shop in the organic section, eat more veggies and less red meat. You start eating “cleaner,” un-processed foods. Then, as in my case, you may start to question all the non-organic things in your life, such as your cleaning products, beauty-care products, etc. What’s in them? What am I really putting on my body? What chemicals am I breathing in as I scrub my tub?

This train of thought led me to research natural products (and yes, it happened while scrubbing my tub). I found that there are companies out there that offer these wonderful products (Clorox GreenWorks, Burt’s Bee’s) but they’re expensive! So, what’s next? I can’t afford this stuff! Back to researching (man, I love google). I found some great recipes for homemade products (lotions, soaps & bathroom cleaners, oh my!). As I experiment and messy-up my kitchen I’ll share with you! All beauty related recipes will come to you via “Natural beauty…” and all home-care related recipes will be listed as “Natural home…”

Let’s get cookin’!