Ganesha… the mover of all obstacles.

At the Ojai Yoga Crib today Laura Tyree was talking about removing obstacles from your life and she gave an amazing analogy that I have to share with you. As you may know, Ganesha is an elephant–a large, mesmerizing force that can remove obstacles from your life. I personally have always been drawn to elephants. I had elephant stuffed animals as a baby, elephant beanie babies as a pre-teen, elephant figurines, and to this day have some collectibles. When I began my yoga training and found out what the elephant symbolizes I thought, “Well, that fits.” I love the thought of the strength of an elephant and simultaneously the gentleness. And yes, I think they’re cute.
“Have you ever seen how an elephant can uproot a tree? It doesn’t go up to the tree with brute force and knock it over, it rubs the tree, gets a feel for it, loves on it, inspects it, wraps it’s trunk around it. Then patiently it gently pushes until the whole tree, roots and all, comes out of the ground. If the elephant were to just knock the tree over it would break at the stump and leave the roots.”
~Laura Tyree


When you have an obstacle in your life do you want to push it out of the way and leave the roots? No. Be gentle, love the obstacle, get a feel for it, and gently push the obstacle out of your life, roots and all.