Ground your Energy…

I was recently talking with a fellow yogi friend about her crazy travel schedule (fully equipped with nightly hotel stays) and she said that she was always feeling frazzled. I thought about her problem and wondered if there were any holistic remedies for sleeplessness and nervous energy. And lucky for me, as I was reading this month’s Yoga Journal I found this remedy:

For a good night’s sleep, here’s a tried and true Ayurvedic tip for drawing nervous energy out of your head and down to earth.

  • Fill and eye-dropper bottle with unrefined and un-toasted Organic Sesame Oil (can be found at Specturm Organics).
  • Pack the bottle and some cotton socks in your bag.
  • Before you get into bed, warm the oil by immersing the bottle in hot water. Massage warm oil into the soles of your feet. Slip on socks to keep the oil close to your skin and prevent stained sheets.
And this oil isn’t just for your feet! You can cook with Sesame Oil to add a delightful new taste to your home-cooked meals.