Healing meditation…

What do you do after such a horrible tragedy? If you’re like me, you feel guilty for going on with your everyday life when there are people mourning the loss of their little ones. But what can I do? I have pondered this since I heard and here is my conclusion (with the help of others)…

All you can do is cultivate joy and peace in your own life. When we do this we make the world a more peaceful place. When we are joyful in other’s time of need they can feed off of our healing powers. Trust that in your time of need someone else in the world is cultivating joy for you. This is how our healing powers as a human race work. As a compassionate person it is okay to mourn and have a heavy heart but try not to think of “why” because there is no explanation for such a horrific act.

“Honor those grieving by thinking twice before saying a harsh word or giving someone the finger in traffic. All violences, big or small, affect our fellow humans. Seek to create peace always.” ~Melissa Scott (a fellow Birmingham Yogini)

Here is a beautiful healing mantra you can use to help you send healing powers to those in need:

The healing meditation done with the mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG is one of the most popular mediations taught by Yogi Bhajan. This meditation can be done alone or in a group for self-healing and to heal others and the world. Those who practice this meditation participate in anchoring the healing vibration on the planet. Do this mantra seated in a comfortable position with your palms facing up and elbows tucked into your sides. I also like to practice this mantra silently during savasana.

ra ma da sa

RA MA DA SA is the earth mantra. This part of the mantra pulls the healing vibration into the physical plane.

SA SAY SO HUNG is the ether mantra. This part of the mantra resonates with the universal healing frequency.

  • RA – Sun
  • MA – Moon
  • DA – Earth
  • SA – Infinity
  • SAY – Totality of infinity
  • SO HUNG – I am Thou

Love on your babies, love on your neighbors; hold them tight and be thankful.