Good intentions…

I went through a phase where I never made New Year’s resolutions because the “loose 5 pounds” goal was getting a little old and redundant. Plus, I didn’t feel like it was a healthy goal (in the sense that it just promoted the negativity of my body-image issues)… but now I’m looking at new years resolutions from a different angle where it is a good and healthy practice.  Making an intention is like taking aim or pointing your arrow at a target. So here’s what I did this year…

A positive 2013…

  • Reviewed all my accomplishments
  • Reviewed all my actions or words I regretted – Okay. So nobody likes this step. But it is necessary to bring light to who you do not want to be as well as who you do… Write them down just so you can tear them up or throw them in a fire. It’s very relieving.

“You can’t step consciously into the next phase of your life unless you bring consciousness to your past.” ~Sally Kempton

  • Asked myself 3 questions:
  1. What would I most like to accomplish this year?
  2. How do I want to live my life?
  3. What qualities in myself would I like to bring forth?

One of my intentions is to get a clear sense of what I’m meant to offer as a teacher. I know I have found my passion working with special needs children but what is going to make me an exceptional teacher? Patience, loving, compassion, consistency? Yes, all of the above. But honestly, all of those things are standard issue for the job. Requirements, really. I’m not exactly sure yet what will make me exceptional, but I think it will have something to do with yoga. Kids yoga!

“If your intention is clear enough, it gives a focused direction to everything you do, and you find yourself making choices that naturally expedite the journey toward your goal.” ~Sally Kempton

Happy resolutions!