Salutation Nation…

It’s that time of year again! September is National Yoga Month and that means lots of fun yoga activities!

Lululemon’s annual Salutation Nation is September 10th @ 9am (in your local time zone)
All around the world yogi’s will dedicate our practices to peace. Join your community to move, breathe, connect and get your downdog on!

In Birmingham the location is Homewood Park.

Shanti om,

Take your asana outside…

Nothing beats the energy and joyfulness you feel when breathing and moving with a group. On Aug. 7, 2010, you can feel the energy of hundreds of thousands, as yogis across the country take to their mats and practice at the same time, from 9 to 10 a.m. Lululemon is hosting this amazing yoga event called Salutation Nation, where every one of its stores in North America is offering a complimentary outdoor yoga class. Check out the video for some inspiration!!!

Salutation Nation will be held in Birmingham outside the Lululemon store in Soho Square in Homewood.

Join your favorite teachers such as Stephen Fletcher, Gabriela Pomplova & myself!

August 7, 2010 9:00am


1830 29th Avenue South

Homewood, AL

In front of the Lululemon store!

If you are not in Birmingham, click here to find the closest Lululemon store! Don’t miss out!

Peace & Love,